Cycle lovers aren’t always bike snobs

Jacqui Ma has a deep passion for the cycling culture, but claims to be the opposite of a bikesnob.

She launched her bag brand Goodordering a few years ago with a very successful crowdfunding campaign and has now grown steadily into a healthy business that sets the trend for stylish bike accessories.

“In 2012 we watched the cycling boom really take off. All sorts of fashionable people joined the revolution, but what lagged behind was the accessories! Identifying a gap in the market for colourful, unisex bike bags, Goodordering was born.”

Goodordering produces their clothing in China, a country that carries a stigma around their clothing industry. With the high amount of sweatshops that underpay their staff and make them work ridiculous amounts of hours under horrible circumstances, it’s hard to think of any ethical production ran there. This is not the case with Jacqui’s brand. She has a factory that makes high quality products for her under decent circumstances . By visiting the factory at least once a year she can keep an eye on the production and has build up a good relationship with them.

If you ever get to meet Jacqui you will understand her ways with Goodordering. The brand is all about style, fun, colour and practicality, just like her personality. Her social media is filled with pictures of cool cyclist and well laid out contents of bags and will make you jealous of her courage for colour.


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