Do.It.Yourself and Do.It.Together

London Bike Kitchen, the most inclusive bike workshop in London

Let me introduce to you, super mechanic, Jenni Gwiazdowski. Jenni started London Bike Kitchen in Hackney a few years ago and they’re almost ready to open their second workshop.

“The London Bike Kitchen is an open DIY workshop where you can work on your own bike instead of giving it to someone else. We’re actually more of a Do-It-Together education space”.

The ethos behind LBK (London Bike Kitchen) is to rather teach people how to fix their own bike than letting a mechanic do it for you. They do this by organising all kinds of classes, for all kinds of people with all sorts of budgets. You can of course still get your bicycle fixed by one of the mechanics during one of their drop-in sessions Thursday till Sunday. The Bike Kitchen has done a great job in getting themselves established in the cycling community. With their inclusive and forward thinking approach, they reached out and made a change for those who didn’t think they could afford or were able to fix a bike.

Another great concept of LBK are their *WAG nights. These events are FREE and are aimed at women and gender variant people.

“Growing up, women aren’t generally encouraged to fix bikes or given access to knowledge about mechanics in general. As a result, women can feel like they can’t fix stuff themselves, or think it’s a man’s domain. All this can also be true for people with gender-variant identities. When most mechanics are men, there is a kind of hierarchy of knowledge, whereby the men fix the bikes and teach the women, and the women watch the men fix the bikes (and learn little), or are taught by the men. We want to do away with all this, and create a space where you are empowered to learn about your bike, share what you know (or just get on with it yourself!), all without the pressure and machismo that sometimes exists in male populated spaces. We offer a stand and tools, and some help and advice when you get stuck.”

Didn’t I say; The most inclusive bike workshop in London!

London Bike Kitchen

WaG nights