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Pretty chuffed to have been nominated by the almighty bikeradar.com for this weeks best new bike gear. They also did an interview with me that you can read below:

feature bikeradar.com

Ride with Wolves reflective t-shirt

Want a riding T-shirt with a whole lot of awesome attitude? Ride With Wolves has you covered. The brand is an independent clothing company that produces products with 3M reflective ink, but in innovative, cool and eye-catching ways. The products, which currently range from T-shirts and sweaters to patches, bags and beanies, are gender neutral and body positive.

The brand was founded by Ester van Kempen, with a strong ethos to match the strong look of the products. “The ethos behind our small, independent brand is to be fully inclusive, empower, to celebrate all the brilliant women and minorities in the cycling industry and to be as ethical and sustainable as we can be,” she tells BikeRadar.

“I started Ride with Wolves because I wanted to share my passion for the cycling culture and also combat negative experiences I’ve experienced whilst cycling through London,” van Kempen continues. “Sadly, women and others still experience street-harassment when they’re out. Not everyone realises this is a thing and that this also happens when people are riding their bike. I hope to create an awareness about this topic and tackle the problem by doing so. Cycling gives me a boost of self-esteem and a feeling of freedom. With Ride with Wolves I hope to empower people to get on their bikes and enjoy that experience.”

Although the brand is a fledgling DIY operation currently, van Kempen has big dreams and high hopes for the future, and would like to expand the line to include jerseys, leggings and shorts. Watch this space!

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