Who needs sleep anyway?

You know those people who are always busy? Meet the queen of busy: Monika Zamojska.
Mon is one of those people who always comes up with new ideas. I bet she has a big jar at home will all the ideas that yet need to be executed, because there aren’t enough hours in one day or strong enough coffee to keep her going.
One of her most successful projects is *WAG fest, of which the next one will be held this Sunday 20 November 10-3pm at Brixton Cycles. There will be inspirational speakers such as Kate Rawles, Laura Moss, Emily Chappell, and Harriet Pike.

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Feature in Casquette Magazine

The wonderful people at Casquette did an interview with me about the brand, pack mentality and cheese.

Casquette is a new cycling magazine that focusses on women in the industry. It’s a colourful spread with loads of interesting stories and features. Next to all the beautiful people they also have a great chapter with some easy healthy recipes and interesting bike know-hows.

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